Is There an Easy Way to Sell My House With a Lien in Austin, Texas?

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Selling a house with a tax lien, government lien or home loan lien can be stressful. Luckily, there’s an easy way to sell property with back taxes or liens owed. Read on to see how you can sell your house, townhouse, apartment or condo with a lien against it.

What Should I Do When Selling a Home With a Lien Against It?

These Steps Allow You to Sell a Property That Has a Lien on It

#1 Work With a Realtor to Know Your Home’s Value

Contact a real estate agent and ask them to help you determine the value of your home. They’ll look at the local market trends, the condition of your house and other factors to determine an asking price. Although you can do research on this yourself, a realtor will have a better understanding of what to look for.

#2 Wait for Offers and Choose the Best One

The next step is to wait for an offer to come in. How quickly you receive offers will depend on your asking price, the state of the real estate market and what your property is like. If you haven’t maintained your home or made essential repairs because of financial constraints, you’ll most likely be waiting a lot longer for a buyer.

#3 Sign Documents, Transfer Them to the Buyer, and Pay Off Taxes

After you accept the best offer, you’ll attend closing to finalize the sale by signing and transferring the required documents. Once you receive money from the sale, you’ll send a portion of it over to the closing attorney. The attorney will then use those funds to settle any tax obligations and pay off any liens you might have.

#4 Contact the Lien Holder to Confirm Your Payment

Finally, you’ll need to get in touch with the lien holders. Verify that they received the payment and ask for proof that it’s been recorded in the deed books.

The Top Company to Go for When Selling a House With Liens in Austin, TX

Are you struggling with delinquent taxes or a government lien? Looking to sell your home, but feeling overwhelmed? Austin Cash House Buyer is the answer. Our cash house buying company is the best in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas. We make selling your house easy and completely hassle-free!

Never Mind Repairs – Sell to Us As Is

A lien and other financial hardships can leave little money for construction and renovation. Luckily, our investors buy property As Is. You don’t have to worry about appraisals or requests to make repairs, and there’s no due diligence period.

Sell Your Property Quickly

If you’re facing a property tax lien or federal tax lien, you probably want to sell as fast as possible. That’s exactly what we’ll help you do! We complete real estate transactions within an average of 3 to 30 days.

Get Cash as Payment – Guaranteed!

When you’re selling a property with taxes owed, you want to know that a deal is 100% certain. Unfortunately, the mortgage approval process makes that impossible. Luckily, we don’t use mortgages, and our cash offers are always guaranteed!

Remove the Hassle in Selling

Not only will we make a cash offer for your home, we’ll make an offer after one walkthrough! Avoid showings and open houses by selling to our investors, We’ll even handle the paperwork that comes with selling a house.

Receive Your Cash Payment in Full

Some realtors rely on hidden fees to make extra profit. We’ll never charge you extra or hide fees in our contracts. We offer an honest and straightforward selling process. We’ll even cover the closing costs and all other associated fees.


Does a Lien Really Affect the Sale of a House?

A state tax lien, IRS lien or other type of government lien makes a difference when it comes to selling your home. For example, when you sell, you’ll have to use any profit to pay off liens and taxes. You’ll also have to contact the lien holders to get proof of payment.

Besides the extra steps required after selling, finding a buyer to begin with can be a challenge itself. Some liens stay with a property even after it sells. When that’s the case, you’ll probably have to wait even longer to get an offer.

Our investors take the stress away from selling property with a lien. We’ll make you a cash offer for your home, no matter what condition it’s in and no matter what liens are attached.

I Want to Sell My House but I Have a Judgment. How Can I Do This?

If you’ve been sued or if child support is owed in your name, you might have a judgement lien attached to your home. Selling a home with a judgement lien is more difficult than other types because judgement liens are attached to the property itself. When someone buys a property with a judgment lien, they’re essentially agreeing to take on the lien. Of course, not many buyers are happy to do that, so it’s unlikely to receive many offers on the market.

While selling the traditional way might be difficult, selling to our investors is a breeze. We’ll make a cash offer on your home ASAP, so you can sell it fast and settle your lien.

Will I Have a Problem Selling a Home With an SBA Loan Lien?

A Small Business Association Loan is a government loan designed to help small businesses in their first few years of operations. While helpful to many, unpaid SBA Loans turn into SBA Loan liens. This is another type of lien that attaches to a property, which makes selling a pain.

If you have an SBA Loan lien, our investors are here to help. We’ll buy your house quickly, so you can walk away with cash for your property in no time.

What Can I Expect When Selling a House With a Medicaid Lien?

When a family member goes into an assisted living situation, they’re most likely going to accumulate debt. When that debt goes unpaid, it turns into a Medicaid lien and attaches to the individual’s property. When the family member passes away, whoever inherits the property also inherits the lien.

Discovering a Medicaid lien on inherited property can be upsetting. That’s why our company will help you negotiate with Medicaid to get better terms before settling. We’ll also buy the property in a simple and stress-free process.

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