What to Do When Water Damage or Mold Don’t Let You Sell Your House in Austin TX?

austin water damage and mold

Homes with mold or water damage are difficult sells on the traditional market. However, there’s an alternative selling option that allows you to liquidate your property faster and easier than it seems.

How Hard Can It Be to Liquidate a House With Mold or Damage After a Flood or Water Leaks?

Buyers are unlikely to make an offer when there’s water damage or black mold in the house for sale. Often, people won’t even consider your property with fixed problems that can’t be removed from the property’s history.

Hiring a real estate agent to help you sell your home, as well as trying to sell it yourself, means you have to deal with expensive inspections, tests, and repairs. Should your home have mildew, leaking water, or mold in the basement or attic, you’re likely to pay more than you think. Fixes not only include mold remediation, plumbing or roof repairs but there are also mold regrowth prevention measures such as installing a dehumidifier and updating HVAC insulation.

Unfortunately, taking all of the necessary precautions and paying for the needed repair efforts don’t guarantee you a sale. Your home can stay on the market for a long time due to its repair history, as potential buyers fear that issues haven’t been properly fixed, and the problems will strike back in the near future.

… And How to Do It Easy?

Austin homeowners and those in the surrounding area have an alternative option to selling traditionally, which saves them from overwhelming repairs and paying out of pocket to close a deal. If you’re looking for a way to sell your home, skip the stress, and make a profit fast, consider the benefits of selling your property As Is to our home buying company of real estate investors—Austin Cash House Buyer.

For decades, we have been providing a quick home buying service of the highest quality for Texas homeowners who want to sell their properties for a fast and easy profit.

How We Help You

We Buy Houses In Any Condition

You sell your home as is to our company that buys houses for cash, which means you’re saved from paying for costly repairs and upgrades out of your own finances. You never have to sit around waiting for your home to be attractive and livable while you hemorrhage money. Instead, we’ll handle overseeing and paying for all repairs ourselves. We’ll make an offer on your property in its current condition, no matter the damage.

We Have the Cash Ready

As our name promises, we buy for cash, and have it ready! When you sell to us, we streamline the real estate transaction and make your experience as easy as possible. We don’t wait for months for mortgage lenders to approve us, unlike an average buyer does.

All you’re required to do on your end is pick up your cash offer and walk away knowing that you’ve closed a win-win deal.

Forget Ridiculous Fees

After an investor assesses your property, the offer estimate and amount agreed upon is exactly what you receive, which means no strings are attached to the cash you collect from our transaction. We will never ask you to pay any ridiculous hidden fees, closing or paperwork costs. Once our deal is finalized, we make sure your cash offer stays in your hands in full amount.

You Get Your Money ASAP

When you sell your home to us, you enjoy the fastest real estate transaction possible. We cut out all middlemen to speed the process along, and you can expect a cash offer within 24 hours from one of our investors’ visit. Our transaction can be finalized in just 3 to 30 days. However, we don’t sacrifice the quality of our service for speed. Not only will your timeline to close a deal on your home be expedited by selling to us, but you can also be sure that your situation is being handled individually and with care. We’ll put in the honest work to hand over your all-cash offer in less than 72 hours after our contract is signed.

Superior Service

We give our clients more than a profit from their homes. We have decades of experience in providing a superior service, and we know how to treat our homeowners with personalized care and respect. We understand that when you are trying to sell your house fast, it’s an emergency case that also brings a considerable stress. We will provide you with a transparent process that is friendly, convenient, and fast. With us you will sell your home as stress-free as possible and get quick cash that will help you move on with your life.

Questions and Answers

How Do I Sell a Property with Water Damage or Mold?

Natural disasters or issues with pipes can cause substantial water damage that wreaks havoc on your property’s value. Normally, this leaves you with a list of repairs needed to make before you can sell your house. If you are going to sell on the traditional market, a house that has been flooded, has a wet basement, or even a structural damage, caused by water of mold, means you’re tasked with paying for professional contractors’ services in order to make your home attractive to picky buyers. On top of these expenses, you also have to pay realtor commissions and other fees associated with selling a real estate property. Normally, this kind of sale takes from 6 to 12 month plus the time required to repair the property.

However, foregoing the troubles of selling traditionally can be done by taking advantage of a faster and easier option: selling to a real estate investor company. These firms specialize in buying damaged properties and reselling them for a higher price after making all necessary repairs. Choosing this option means you are saved from the hassle of fixing the damage, you sell in a matter of days, and you receive the full amount of your offer in cash on the closing day.

What Does the Texas Law Require Regarding the Disclosure of Mold or Water Damage in a House for Sale?

It’s natural to want to make money off of your home and set yourself up for the greatest profit possible, but it’s also imperative that you know what you have to disclose when selling your home. In Texas, the “Caveat Emptor” disclosure clause, where the seller must disclose damages only if they are asked directly, does not apply.

The Lone Star State requires sellers to disclose any known damage to the property. This means that not disclosing a leaky basement, mildew issues, or black mold in the house you’re selling is both unethical and illegal. While Texas law protects you from not disclosing what a reasonable investigation wouldn’t uncover, it is ultimately in your best interest to be open about any skeletons in your property’s closet. Otherwise, the buyer can sue the seller months or years after the property is purchased.

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