Selling a Home in a Bad Neighborhood of Austin, Texas

austin bad neighborhood

How do you sell a nice house in a bad Austin neighborhood like Montopolis? Areas with high rates of unemployment and crime don’t attract many buyers. If you are stuck with a great house in a neighborhood that nobody wants to live in, we have put together a few tips that will help you attract a buyer.

No matter how rough the area, there’s always a buyer for every house. Following these tips will help you connect with that buyer. Selling a house fast in a bad location may not be easy, but with the right help, it is possible.

How to Easily Sell a Home by Owner in a Bad Location of Austin

Young Home Buyers Are Your Best Bet

First-time homebuyers usually have to compromise when looking for a home. Their budget may fit your house and your neighborhood. So make sure to emphasize anything about your house that is popular with home buyers. Maybe they can’t afford their dream house on their first purchase, but make sure your property seems like a reasonable compromise.

Spruce Up the Outside

Bushes covering the windows can make a house seem small and dark. Trim those overgrown shrubs. And removing low-hanging branches can give your yard a spacious feel.

And the Rooms

Ridding your house of clutter cannot be overemphasized. Most buyers can’t see past an old collection of furniture and knick-knacks. After you minimize the house’s contents, clean every surface you can reach. Clean the bathrooms and kitchen until spotless. Get rid of any pet hair and pet stains.

Stage It with a Nice Furniture

Repaint any walls that have personalized colors (children’s bedrooms, for example). And repaint any dark-colored walls with light, neutral tones. Consider replacing a few light fixtures in the main living areas with inexpensive ceiling fans. Arrange the furniture to emphasize the best features of the home. Add some fresh flowers throughout the house. And turn every light on in the house before a showing.

Announce an Open House

Open houses are an inexpensive way to generate local traffic to your home. And even though most of your visitors may be curious neighbors, one of them might end up making you an offer after seeing your house on the inside.

Finance the Buyer

If your house is paid for, consider offering owner financing to an interested buyer. While there is some risk to you, negotiating reasonable terms can protect you if you have to take back the house. And owner financing can mean the difference, in many instances, of a quick sale or a home that won’t sell.

Be Honest

Buyers coming to your neighborhood may already be uncomfortable with the area. Don’t try to diminish those problems. But if there’s a park down the block, mention it or any other benefits. And fully disclose any issues with your house, which will set most buyers at ease with your honesty.

Who Will Buy Your Nice or Bad Home Anywhere in Austin Fast

Austin Cash House Buyer has purchased houses in every Austin neighborhood. We know property values in both the best and worst areas of the city. We have a long list of satisfied clients who have sold us their homes—no matter what the condition. Their satisfaction speaks for us.

We Buy As Is, in Any Condition

Is your house a wreck, and you wonder how you can ever afford to fix the problems? No worries. We buy homes in any condition. Is the neighborhood in worse shape than the house? Your location won’t deter us.

Sell to Us Fast

We do everything fast. So if fast is what you need, we can get you out of your house and into cash in less than a month, typically. Our quick real estate process is the envy of the industry.

Get a Cash Offer

Because we buy houses with cash, our real estate transaction is very quick. We don’t need loan approval because we already have the cash available when we make an offer for your house.

Don’t Pay a Dime

If you wonder what kind of costs will surprise you at closing, relax. The money specified in our fair cash offer is the amount you will receive. You will not be surprised by any closing costs or hidden fees.

All Process Is Our Trouble

We take care of the piles of paperwork necessary for a real estate transaction. The only thing you will have to do is sign and date a few documents. The rest of the paperwork is on us.

The Worst Austin Neighborhoods We’ll Buy Houses In


Montopolis had its beginnings in the early 1800s as a township surrounding a casino. About two in every five residents live in poverty, according to the U.S. Census. Over half of its residents don’t have a high school diploma. With a crime rate that is 112% higher than the national average, this community is an unpopular area.

Martin Luther King – Highway 183

This neighborhood has the lowest median income in Austin. Proficiency in reading and math at East Austin College Prep at MLK School is considerably below the state average. Add high unemployment and a high crime rate, and this area is an undesirable place to live.

Saint Johns

Only one elementary school is rated 7 out of 10 in Great Schools ratings. The other primary schools are rated 4 out of 10 and below. Child poverty in the neighborhood is among the highest in the city. Some of the abandoned buildings and public facilities in the area have become occupied recently. But even with improvements, high crime and poor quality schools don’t attract many homebuyers.

Georgian Acres

This neighborhood has affordable houses, but few buyers to purchase them. The schools rank in the bottom half of school ratings, according to Great Schools. Both violent crime and property crime in the area are over twice that of the national average.

Pleasant Valley

This area has a median income of under $35,000. Home to many college students, the neighborhood also has a large homeless population. As residents are out enjoying the bustling nightlife, criminals are committing property crimes at well over twice the national average. It is not a popular area for families.

Johnston Terrace

This small, lower-income area on the far east side of Austin has begun to see some new construction. But its housing is mostly run-down. And the neighborhood’s proximity to toxic waste sites doesn’t make it a popular area.

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