Top Tips for Selling Your Austin House When Moving Abroad or Relocating for a Job

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Whether you’re relocating for work or selling up and moving abroad, you probably want to sell your house ASAP so you can focus on the move. It can be hard to know the safest and fastest way to sell property, but the following information can help.

Ways to Sell Your Home Fast Before Moving

Opt for a Guaranteed Home Buyout

One way to sell your home is with a guaranteed home buyout program. Your employer might work with a relocation company to offer a home buyout, and it’s also offered by some real estate agents.

When you choose a guaranteed home buyout option, you’ll work with a company to agree on a buyout price. Once you have an agreed upon price, you’ll list your home on the market for a period of time. The company will then buy your property if it fails to sell on the market.

This option means you’ll definitely sell your home, but the buyout price will likely be below market value. You should also pay close attention to the contract. Some real estate agents offer buyouts just so they can get hired to sell the property on the market. Their buyout contracts are usually confusing and can include a number of additional fees.

Quick Home Selling via Austin Cash House Buyer

Selling with a real estate investor is the best option when you’re moving and need to sell your house fast. Austin Cash House Buyer is a trustworthy real estate investment company with years of experience. In fact, we’re the best cash home buyers in Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas. We make fair cash offers for every property, and we close on deals fast.

Faster Way to Sell Your Home

Selling to our company means selling fast. When you work with a company for a home buyout, they’ll only buy your property after it has failed to sell on the market. Why wait when we’ll buy your home immediately? We can complete the transaction in 3 days if there are no problems or legal issues.

No Need for Repairs – We Buy As Is!

Selling to our company means selling your property As Is. We’ll buy your home no matter what condition it’s in, so there’s no need to get an appraisal and there’s no due diligence period. You can skip the repairs and skip the stress. We keep house buying simple by viewing the property once and making an offer.

We Offer Cash for Your Property

We always make cash offers for property. Selling on the market means waiting for mortgage approval, and sometimes sales fall through at that final step. There’s no risk of that with us because there’s no mortgage approval process. Because we work with hard money lenders and private investors, we already have the money when we make you an offer.

Home Selling That’s Hassle-Free

When you sell on the real estate market, there’s a lot of bureaucracy. From making repairs and getting appraisals to scheduling open houses and cleaning for countless showings, you’ll have plenty of extra responsibilities. Luckily, you can skip all of that by selling to us! We make it easy by handling every part of the process.

Things to Know When Selling Your House for Job Relocation

Getting your dream job in another city or state is equal parts exciting and intimidating. This is especially true when you own your home and need to relocate within a short amount of time.

In the United States, about 70% of all companies will help out new hires with some relocation incentives. These incentives can cover anything from packaging and shipping at their most basic to down payments on a new home at their most generous.

The basic relocation package will typically cover your moving costs, pay for professional movers and reimburse you for any gas or plane tickets. Larger, more generous employers might even offer a home buyout option for your current house or apartment.

Larger businesses usually have a specific relocation company they work with. The company will basically buy your house for a fair price, which is based on its average appraised value. Usually you’ll sign a contract that includes the price and then you’ll list the property for a set amount of time. If the house doesn’t sell on the market, you can at least relax knowing it will sell to the relocation company.

Would It Be Easier to Move Out of State Before Selling My House?

Most homeowners who are relocating to another state struggle with this question. On one hand, moving is hard enough to organize, and the thought of selling your home on top of everything else is a scary prospect. On the other hand, selling your house and moving out of state means you’ll have some extra money and you won’t have to organize the sale later on.

There are more pros to selling before you move than there are to waiting until you’re in another state. First of all, selling a house is much easier when you’re close by. There’s no need to travel back and forth for repairs or showings and you can communicate with potential buyers more effectively.

When you sell before you move, you’ll also have the money you need for a down payment on a new home. This will make buying a house less stressful and will give you a clearer idea of your financial situation.

Selling before you move is best, but selling the traditional way isn’t always fast enough. Our house buying company is the solution. We’ll buy your house in a flash, and without the bureaucracy that comes with selling on the market.

Isn’t It Hard to Sell a House While Living Abroad?

Some people think there’s no easy way to sell a house from abroad. This might be true for traditional sales, but it certainly isn’t when you sell to a real estate investment company, like Austin Cash House Buyer.

Selling a property from abroad through a real estate agent means adding unnecessary stress to your life. It will take months to organize the final sale, and you’ll also be responsible for most of the work. Getting an appraisal, hiring contractors and making sure your property looks its best for showings will all need to be done from another country.

On the other hand, you can sell directly to us and close on the deal ASAP. We’ll make you a cash offer within 24 hours of seeing your home. If you’re happy with the offer, you simply sign a contract and get someone back home to finish the straightforward closing process.

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